Azure and Linux: A Powerful Pair

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Microsoft recently announced that Azure HDInsight (Hadoop) will be one of the first cloud services to run on Linux. Previously, Azure was equipped to work with six different types of Linux distributions. Azure will now be able to deploy, host, and manage its services on Linux servers. This technical merge will increase the service capabilities of Azure by allowing it to run on Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machines in addition to offering Hadoop on Azure.  The powerhouse of Azure HDInsight’s cloud service leadership joined together with Linux will add the ability to expand the storage of big data while allowing an increase in organization’s ability to provide data streams that can be turned into intelligible information.

The Microsoft Learning map for HDInsight offers an emulator, tutorials, video instruction, and technical articles for this technology.

Ready to learn more about open-source Azure solutions? Microsoft Virtual Academy has several free training sessions on Azure and Linux as well, including the following:

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ASP.NET MVC 6: What’s New

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ASP.NET 5 MVC 6 is the latest installment in the ASP.NET with MVC family of cloud- and desktop-based application processing. ASP.NET 5 MVC 6 is now fully integrated with the ASP.NET API to create a more powerful processing environment.

There are many advantages to incorporating the new product into your development toolkit. One main advantage is its capacity to synchronize application tasks to avoid duplication of efforts and streamline the process. In the past, MVC only ran in IIS. The new ASP.NET vNext will allow MVC to combine with Web API to create a unified processing environment. There will be one model to hold one set of unified concepts.

Even more excitement is in store when developers note the smooth transition from Web Pages to MVC. In addition to creating pipeline efficiency, you will now be able to run application processing on IIS or enable your application to self-host, based on the new request pipeline contained in ASP.NET vNext. MVC 6 can even run on top of your existing desktop or cloud optimized run-time is an option. Even your Web Forms can run on top cloud optimized run-time.

These developments continue to show that ASP.NET MVC is fluid, growing and aims to meet your development and creative needs for new products and services. Stay tuned as we learn how Microsoft plans to incorporate MVC 6 into the current generation of MCP and MCSD certifications.

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Benefits of the Microsoft MVC5 Update

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The Microsoft ASP.NET MVC5 is the latest upgrade in the MVC family of development products. The sleek, seamless, platform-friendly design gives additional flexibility to developers as applications are created. When ASP.NET MVC5 is used with Visual Studio 13 as part of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) pattern-based structure, the developer can produce the application with ease.  MVC5 allows you to use its toolbar for greater accessibility to commands as you build application templates. The toolbar includes new options that make the command options simpler to find.  For example, instead of going to the Start page to create a new project, you will find the New Project option under the File menu, which is comparable to the design and functionality of the Microsoft Word toolbar.

New User Ease

Because of the new toolbar addition and the user-friendly pattern-based design, MVC 5 enables new developers to quickly master the templates. Controllers, Models, and Views are found within a short time after starting the application due to the ease of navigation with this enhanced version of MVC. The expanded framework functions allow users to easily look up and locate information without having to delve too far into the application’s architecture for initial design build, setup, and save information.

More Great New Features

You can gain additional support when using views. In MVC5, versioning, header-based route choices, and constraint backing are innovative features now supported by customizable attribute routing.  The @Html.EnumDropDownListFor() is a new helper method that should be applied similarly to other HTML helpers.  However, the expression must be able to assess an enum type or in cases where there is a Nullable<T> whenever T is an enum type. When you are required to manipulate a select list before calling, you can incorporate the new EnumHelper.GetSelectList() method. Developers can also use the method to display names that will appear when using @Html.EnumDropDownListFor().

As a developer, you can use unobtrusive validation to handle properties for client-side validation.  This feature aids developers as it relates to the attributes of properties that include MinLength and MaxLength. This context is now maintained in an Unobtrusive Ajax. OnBegin, OnComplete, OnFailure, and OnSuccess are callback functions that are able to find the invoking element through this context.

Developer Challenges

One noted change is that ASP.NET MVC5 will show ambiguities as it employs attribute routing matches. This will lead to a reported error instead of selecting the first available match.  Limitations on attribute routes use as applied to actions include the prohibition of controller use and action parameters.

Secure Connectivity  

Moreover, MVC 5 boosts its attractiveness to users by providing the developer with the ability to build and apply social media-friendly website connectivity securely using an ASP.NET MVC 5 web app.  Currently an ASP.NET MVC 5 secure web app can be created by developers to support users so that they may log in with credentials from Facebook and Google. As with all software applications, it is necessary on occasion to ensure that known bugs are repaired.  The current upgrades are package versions 5.1.0 and 5.1.1.

Flexibility, accessibility, user-friendliness, and secure connectivity are all advantages for developers who take the plunge and upgrade to ASP.NET MVC5.


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