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This is the semi-official unofficial blog by the technical content developers at Kaplan IT Training (formerly Transcender and SelfTest Software). We draw on more than 30 years of field experience to develop the content to write the practice test questions to test your knowledge to help you prepare to earn the certifications that //Vendor// built.

We personally answer customer questions about our exam preparation products, monitor the major vendors for changes to certification exam objectives, write new content, keep the content updated, and go to conferences. The group donut addiction is just a rumor.

So why a blog? We want to present a forum where we answer technical questions in a way that helps multiple customers, not just the ones receiving an email. We’ll also post about exams in development and pass along industry news, as well as general test-taking hints.


If you read no other post in this blog, at least check out The secret path to knowledge (and a better exam experience).  We’re proud to say that the breadth and length of our tutorials sets us apart from other practice test providers out there.

Good luck on your test, and happy certifying!

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The views expressed in the posts and comments of this blog are solely the individual opinions of the contributing authors, and not official statements of policy that represent the views of Kaplan Inc., Kaplan Professional, Mount Washington College, Kaplan Cert Prep, or Kaplan IT Training.

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