The Flashcard Mobile App Rises Again…

June 22, 2017 at 11:46 am | Posted in mobile app | 7 Comments
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I have an IT certification exam coming up, but I commute and I need to be able to study on my phone. When are you going to offer the flashcard mobile app again?

After a successful beta run, we are proud to announce that the new and improved TranscenderFlash mobile app has been released for both Android and Apple devices.


At long last, the question pool is no longer limited to just a few titles. After you download the TranscenderFlash app, you can access our ENTIRE catalog of practice tests through a simple in-app purchase.

What hasn’t changed: the new app kept the same easy, intuitive interface and adjustable display. Simply tap a card to flip it over and reveal the answer, then click the check or the X mark to indicate a pass or fail. The app reports your self-grading at the end as a percentage of correct or incorrect cards.


One reason the flash card app is an ideal study tool is that you can run through it as many times as you like before you actually grade yourself. Just read the cards but leave them unanswered until you’re ready, then do a self-grading pass. The bar chart button will show your overall results, which shows you which knowledge areas still need work.


The scoring report will tell you how many you had correct, incorrect, or unanswered for each objective in a vendor’s exam.

The app comes with nearly 200 sample flash cards drawn from some of the industry’s top vendor exams, including but not limited to questions from PMI, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, and CompTIA.

Screenshot of sample flash cards

Sample flash cards are available on the home screen. Click a title to start testing.

The TranscenderFlash mobile is free to download and does not include ads. Our full flashcard decks with hundreds of questions each are available for $19.99. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Happy studying!


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  1. I purchased a flash card test set for TranscenderFlash and the program crashes while using the flash cards. I have the Security+ test and when I get to the 50th flash card the program crashes every time. Is there a fix for this?

    I’m running the latest IOS download of the TranscenderFlash program v1.2
    on an iPhone6

    • I was able to replicate this error and will roll out a fix as soon as we can!

    • Thank you for reporting this issue. I’m happy to say that a fix to this problem will be rolling out with the latest update.

      I ask for your patience as we wait for Apple to approve the update.

  2. If I already have access via CBT Nuggets, is there a way to gain access through the app without having to pay?

    • Not at this time, the systems are completely different.

      However, I can email you a code for a free product if you let me know the exam and whether you’re using Android or Apple.

      • That’s great. I am studying for CCNA and am currently using Android.

        Thanks. It is greatly appreciated.


        • Just sent it in your email. I do ask that you review the app honestly. Many of the reviews do not accurately address its features and functionality.

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