Come Together, Right Now…under one certification registry?

September 30, 2011 at 12:31 pm | Posted in Vendor news | 1 Comment
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Since the onslaught of the Great Recession, highlighting your skills for employers has become an important, if not critical, activity.  In the IT industry, one of the best ways to prove your skills is to earn certification in the relevant fields and technologies. Thanks to Transcender, and to your own hard work and diligence, you probably have a few certifications under your belt, or are seriously working toward earning one.

If you have a really diversified skill set, you probably have certifications from more than one vendor. Each vendor has their own certification system. CompTIA and Cisco issue physical wallet cards to certified individuals. Microsoft phased out their printed certifications in 2010, then launched their Virtual Business Card site (although wallet cards may be coming back, as per this July post on Born To Learn). All of these vendors, including Oracle, also support a public, online transcript system. The problem is that none of these certification systems are integrated. So you might find yourself fumbling through cards in a high-stakes interview or dealing with an ever-expanding resume to accommodate the boatload of transcript IDs and vendor-specific links.

The (proposed) solution? To make available one central repository of all your certifications, regardless of the vendor. An organization named  the ITCC (Information Technology Certification Council) is trying to do exactly that with its TechCertRegistry. Using a single account, you can  link certifications from multiple vendors and combine them into one report.

ITCC TechCertRegistry

Sounds good, right? It did to me, so I took the system for a spin. Overall, I found the registry easy to use and intuitive, if still a bit inconsistent between vendors. For Microsoft, I only needed my Windows Live ID and password, while LPI required my LPI ID (I had to look that behemoth up).  Also, at the time of my test drive in September, there were a few major certification bodies — such as CompTIA, Oracle, and CIW — that were not affiliated with the registry.

The ability to email the certificate report directly was a nice addition to the feature set, but there is no option to publish the report publicly without an employer login.


  • Gives users a single login for managing certifications from multiple vendor accounts.
  • Certificate affiliations include Citrix, HP, IBM, LPI, Microsoft, and Novell.
  • Reports can be viewed by or directly emailed to employers.
  • Linked into the National Student Clearinghouse, which includes degree programs.


  • The process for affiliating an account differs greatly depending on the certification vendor.
  • Big-name certification vendors like Cisco, CIW, Cisco, CompTIA, and PMI are not currently affiliated.

Although I like where this registry is going, it is certainly early days yet for ITCC. I only hope their affiliations and memberships swell over the next few years, so that I can finally consolidate all of my certifications under one roof!

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  1. I wish Cisco and Oracle affiliate with ITCC.

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